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Episode 18 will come in Sep 19, 2017 - today
01 Episode 1
Sunday Jul 30, 2017
Twenty-four Australians arrive on the tropical island of Samoa ready to outwit, outplay and outlast each other in order to win the half a million dollar prize and the title of sole survivor.
02 Episode 2
Monday Jul 31, 2017
The perfect storm is brewing in Samoa as the tribes fight to protect supplies and maintain fire in adverse conditions. However, how will the prospect of a idol at play tamper with new friendships?
03 Episode 3
Tuesday Aug 01, 2017
As a major alliance crumbles, one tribe scrambles to avoid elimination. The other tribe grows frustrated with two members and make moves to have them removed next.
04 Episode 4
Sunday Aug 06, 2017
Food is the only thing on the minds of the castaways as one member from each camp faces a painful moral dilemma which could have dramatic ramifications for the tribemates and their own game.
05 Episode 5
Monday Aug 07, 2017
Tensions run high as the castaways endure further wind and rain without fire and shelter before a lengthy immunity challenge, finishing with the next Tribal Council.
06 Episode 6
Sunday Aug 13, 2017
Blatant lies at the last tribal council has put everyone in one camp on edge. Will they be able to put their differences aside to win the reward challenge or will they leave hungry?
07 Episode 7
Monday Aug 14, 2017
A brutal tribal council the night before has left one castaway on the war path seeking retribution. At the immunity challenge, the tribes must take part in a physical Sumo'an contest.
08 Episode 8
Sunday Aug 20, 2017
As both tribes appear to reach their wits end, the prospect of a luxurious and cleansing reward could be enough to keep the castaways in the game for weeks to come.
09 Episode 9
Monday Aug 21, 2017
Winning immunity has never been so vital to resettling the balance within each tribe, and with a highly competitive challenge that encourages fair contact, things are sure to get feisty.
10 Episode 10
Sunday Aug 27, 2017
Social divisions begin to exhaust castaways as one tribe breaks down ahead of the next immunity challenge. Will they be able to come together to avoid another visit to tribal council?
11 Episode 11
Monday Aug 28, 2017
Aligned castaways find themselves at each other's throats over who is doing enough work around camp, but is one player acting lazy to divide the tribe?
12 Episode 12
Sunday Sep 03, 2017
A surprise challenge sees one castaway return to camp with an unexpected power that could push tensions to breaking point. Later, will one castaway past come back to haunt them at tribal council?
13 Episode 13
Monday Sep 04, 2017
Alliances continue to flip as a former power player finds themselves at the bottom of their tribe, and a last minute scramble to return to their former glory will turn friend against friend.
14 Episode 14
Sunday Sep 10, 2017
Betrayal runs rampant within both tribes as deceptive immunity clues and relentless strategising begins to place targets on the backs of castaways who had previously flown under the radar.
15 Episode 15
Monday Sep 11, 2017
The fallout from one of the most dramatic Tribal Councils this season sends shockwaves through one tribe as castaways scramble to repair broken bonds.
16 Episode 16
Sunday Sep 17, 2017
Change is in the air as time comes for the biggest event in the game so far: a merger. Emotions continue to run high when a particularly difficult reward challenge offers a deeply sentimental prize.
17 Episode 17
Monday Sep 18, 2017
The fallout from the first group tribal council tears a rift between the newly formed tribe, resulting in a huge clash of alliances. Who will be the next contestant to have their flame extinguished?
18 Episode 18
Tuesday Sep 19, 2017
A shock display of power at the last tribal council places an immediate target on one castaway. Will the new shift in camp dynamics be enough to remove a prolific player from the game?
19 Episode 19
Sunday Sep 24, 2017
A scheming conversation is overheard, putting one contestant in the firing line, and an alliance is shattered, resulting in one of the most divided tribal councils this series.
20 Episode 20
Monday Sep 25, 2017
Another alliance is in jeopardy as one contestant decides to flip on a fellow tribesman, planning the biggest blindside this season, but an unexpected turn of events forces the castaway to reconsider.
21 Episode 21
Wednesday unknown
22 Episode 22
Wednesday unknown
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Australian Survivor 4

IMDb 0 50 min/episode

An Australian reality game show based on the popular international Survivor format.
6.9 / 64 times