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01 Horizon High. Part 1
Saturday Aug 19, 2017
Peter is accepted into Horizon High, a school for geniuses, where his best friend Harry Osborn was just suspended; Peter makes his debut as Spider-Man and must battle the Vulture.
02 Horizon High. Part 2
Saturday Aug 19, 2017
Spider-Man must work to stop the Scorpion from wreaking havoc at the museum.
03 Osborn Academy
Saturday Aug 26, 2017
Norman Osborn creates the Osborn Academy for Geniuses as a way of saving his son Harry the embarrassment of being suspended from Horizon High.
04 A Day in the Life
Saturday Sep 02, 2017
As the new academy gets up and running, Norman holds auditions for enrollment, which deepens the rivalry between Oz Academy and Horizon High.
05 Party Animals
Saturday Sep 02, 2017
Horizon High throws a dance in honor of Harry being exonerated, but Norman asked Harry to stay at Osborn academy.
06 Sandman
Saturday Sep 16, 2017
Spider-Man meets the powerful, yet uncontrollable Sandman and helps him reunite with his estranged daughter with the help of the Venom symbiote.
07 Symbiotic Relationship
Saturday Sep 16, 2017
When Spider-Man uses his new black costume, he discovers that there is great danger in his new power; and he must find a way to defeat a costume that wants to destroy him.
08 Stark Expo
Saturday Sep 16, 2017
After the terror of the symbiote, Spidey is off to the Stark Expo in his old costume. When Ghost hijacks the event, Spidey's only chance to save lives is to unleash the symbiote.
09 Ultimate Spider-Man
Saturday Sep 23, 2017
When Miles Morales is bitten by an experimental spider and gains spider powers, Spider-Man must teach him the responsibilities of being a superhero.
10 Kraven's Amazing Hunt
Saturday Sep 30, 2017
Kraven the Hunter does a live broadcast of his hunt for Spider-Man.
11 Halloween Moon
Saturday Oct 07, 2017
On Halloween night, Spider-Man must team up with the incredible Hulk to stop Man-Wolf, a super-strong gamma-powered werewolf, from infecting the rest of Manhattan.
12 Spider-Man on Ice
Saturday Oct 14, 2017
Spidey must stop a low-level villain who has acquired some impressive freezing technology.
13 Venom
Saturday Oct 21, 2017
The symbiote has escaped the Avengers Compound and attached itself to a new host. Now Spidey must find out how to beat it and who the new person is underneath.
14 Screwball Live
Saturday Oct 28, 2017
Spider-Man is targeted by a new costumed figure named Screwball for a series of online prank videos which block him from fighting crime.
Special Origin 2 - Observation!
Tuesday Jul 25, 2017
After suffering some side effects from his spider bite, Peter Parker decides to use the scientific method to figure out what is happening to him.
Special Origin 6 - Conclusion!
Saturday Jul 29, 2017
When his quest for fame results in personal tragedy, Peter Parker learns that with great power comes with great responsibility.
Special Origin 5 - Experimentation!
Friday Jul 28, 2017
The new and improved Peter Parker makes his official debut by entering a wrestling competition.
Special Origin 4 - Prediction!
Thursday Jul 27, 2017
Peter Parker predicts that his new abilities could bring him fame and fortune and begins to seek out a way to make a name for himself.
Special Origin 3 - Hypothesis!
Wednesday Jul 26, 2017
Peter Parker hypothesizes that his body is developing super powers and begins testing them out.
Special Origin 1 - Introduction!
Wednesday Jun 28, 2017
Peter and Harry attend a field trip at Oscorp. At the end of the short, Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider.


IMDb 6.8 21 min/episode
An insecure but courageous and intelligent teen named Peter Parker, a new student of Midtown High, is bitten by a radioactive spider and given powers. He becomes a hero named Spider-Man after the death of his uncle and he must adapt to this new way of life.
Animation, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Family
Fred Tatasciore
United States
6.7 / 437 times
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