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1 A Shot in the Dark
Wednesday Jun 14, 2017
After New York City fashion photographer Joel Schoenfeld is shot dead in his Greenwich Village studio, detectives uncover a dark secret and a twisted tale of revenge.
2 Fade to Black
Wednesday Jun 21, 2017
Film director Adrienne Shelly is discovered hanging by a bed sheet from the shower rod in her bathroom; while Shelly's death looks like a suicide, her husband insists it was murder, and detectives start to believe him.
3 Garden of Evil
Wednesday Jun 28, 2017
An intruder shoots Daniel Ott dead with a shotgun in a stunning case of mistaken identity that leads investigators into the heart of one of the most dangerous criminal rings in the country.
4 Ride With the Devil
Wednesday Jul 05, 2017
Twenty-six-year-old car dealer Christopher O'Brien takes a stranger for a test drive and never returns; investigators wonder whether O'Brien's criminal past has caught up with him.
5 Disappearing Act
Wednesday Jul 12, 2017
Forty-two-year-old Miami mother Raquel Calderin vanishes without a trace on her way home from work in 2012; the investigation into disappearance leads detectives deep into a disturbing family picture, and the truth will haunt them for years to come.
6 The Devil Made Me Do It
Wednesday Jul 19, 2017
Robert Schwartz, a father of three, is murdered brutally in his own home in a way that's made to look like a ritualistic killing, but the investigation will uncover a killer much closer to home.
7 Murder Well Done
Wednesday Jul 26, 2017
After 39-year-old Dawn Viens goes missing, her chef husband, David, reports she ran away to escape her problems; the investigation leads detectives to an unexpected killer who disposed of Viens' body in an unimaginable way.
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The Perfect Murder 4

IMDb 7.5 na min/episode
Bill Graves
United States
6.0 / 25 times